Sms Messages

Sms messages is the most common way now a days to send greetings or wishes. We start our day with mobile phone in our hand reading sms messages from our friends and replying them. We have fulfilled this need proving the latest sms text messages collection online in Hindi, Urdu and English.

1 Shakhs Na Hazrat Ali A.s Se Pucha

1 Shakhs Na Hazrat Ali A.s Se Pucha Keh Bhai Or Dost Main Kia Faraq Hy Tu Hazart Ali A.s Ny Kaha Bhai Sonna Hy Or Dost Heira Tu Uss Shaks Na Dobra Pucha Keh Sonna Or Heira Main Kia Faraq Hy Tu Hazrat Ali A.s Ny Kaha Sonna Tut Kar Phir Joor Skta Hy Mgr Heira Tut Ka Phir Kbhi Joor Nhi Skta..!!! Hazrat Ali A.s..!!!

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5 Question Select Answer for Me

Answer for Me 1: Agr Apko Muj Py Ghusa Aye Tu Ap Kia Karein Gy? A: 2: Ap Mujhy Apni Kon Si Sb Sy Aziz Cheez Dy Skty Hain? A: 3: Woh 1 Baat Jo Apko Yaqeen Hy Mein Nhi Kr Skti? A: 4: Koi 1 Baat Jo Mujh Mein Hy Aur Ap Chahty Hain Keh Kash Ap Main Bhi Ho? A: 5: Attractive Thing In Me? A: Reply Is Must

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Hum Kitne Betaab Hoye The Ek Din

TumKo Yaad Bhi Nhi Rehti Humri Choti Choti Khushiyan TumKo Tu Shayad Ehsaas Bhi Nhi Hay Keh Hum Kitne Betaab Hoye The Ek Din Keh Shayad Ab Tum Kahoo Gy Happy Birthday 2 U..!!!

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