Sms Messages

Sms messages is the most common way now a days to send greetings or wishes. We start our day with mobile phone in our hand reading sms messages from our friends and replying them. We have fulfilled this need proving the latest sms text messages collection online in Hindi, Urdu and English.


__+__EID MUBARAK__. ____. .________________.–“~~”-. ____________,-“____.-~~”-\___. ___.______.^______/____(_)_. ____+___{_.—.___/______~ ________/____.__Y____. _______/_____\_j_______+ ._____Y_____(_)–l__ ______|___________”-.______. ______|_____(________\ .__.___|________.)~-.__/__._____. __.____l_________) .____.__\____<;;;;;;l __+_____\_______\ _________\_______^. ___._______^._______”-.___. _____________”-._______~-.___, _______._________”–.._____.^ may this eid brings lots of happiness 4 u n ur family (Ameen)

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