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Height Of Addiction

Height Of Addiction: Just Before Hanging, Judge Asked The Prisoner: "Any Last Wish?" Prisoner: Yes.. I Want To Update My Facebook Status As "DEAD" :D

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Aik Admi ki wife margai

Aik Admi ki wife margai Dost usko chup karane k bad-tuje kuch chahiye? Admi-jaldi laptop le aa Dost-Q? Admi -facebok pe status chnge kark single krna hai :

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Funny truth

Funny truth.. No one is as ugly as their identity card pic, nor as good looking as their facebook profile pic :-P

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Girl’s status on FB

Girl's status on FB: "I m sad:(" (172 comments) Boy's status: "i m goin to commit sucide :-"( (2 likes, n 1 comment: Dekh le yar, ho skay to na kr!) :P:D

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sons facebook wall

Dad writes on sons facebook wall: Son, Hw r u? Ur Mom & I m fine & v mis u a lot. V wish 2 c u. So Plz turn off ur PC & cum dwnstairs 4 dinner =):-):-)

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