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Ye Bazi Haq Ki Bazi Hai

In Exams Students Ka Naara Ye Bazi Haq Ki Bazi Hai Yeh Baazi TumHi Haroo Gye Hr Jeib Sy Worka Nikly Ga Tum Kitny Worke Phaaro Gy (Students Ka Naara)

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Waqat E Daraz Mang K Laye Thy 3 Din

Students Ghazal" Lagta Nhi Hy Dil Mera Hr Sawal Mein, Kis K Bane Hain Yeh Examamination Haal Mein, Waqat E Daraz Mang K Laye Thy 3 Din, 2 Swal Mein Cut Gye Hy Demagh E Dagdr Mein, Kitna Hy Badnaseeb Student Nqal Ky Liye, 2 Kagaz K Tukry Bhi Na Mily Pory Haal Mein..!!!

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