Today is Sant Gyaneshwar ji

Today is Sant Gyaneshwar ji (Alandi PUNE)’s Jayanti- birth day.His message to the World is always Be in or find wise Knowledgeable people as your company Sat Sangati if you want to succeed.Steer your lives according to messages these wise men give you and if you keep your heart-minds senses open to all that is GOOD for you and the will get real Success in your lives.He gave Marathi people GEETA s’ message in their own mother tongue for the first time.He was a brahmin’s  son.His Father was temporarily a sanyasi then he came back to Grihastha ashrama for which conservative Brahmins made him and his wife pay with their lives!Their children were hounded away instead of giving support by these elements in 1276 AD taken away from all that was good and all sources of Vidya knowledge.Still he found all that India had then to give him through his elder brother Nivruttinath jee..and his short life span of 22 years.So many wise and brave Men faced so much for sake of future generations..left them with some message for conducting self..not just Bhaktee..

(like Swami Ramdas..who wrote Das Bodha..see his Bhiksha on my blogs..)

How to change Self-weed out Bad and inculcate Good within Us all….by training of the Mind..for sake of the Self and the Society

His Amrutanu bhaava and Gyaneshwari is a Classic Indian ethos.For more on his last statement Passaydaan..Prayer for all Humanity..

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