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Shaheed sms collection in Urdu , English and Hindi.Send latest Shaheed sms to your lover, friends and family.Shaheed sms text , qoutes and greetings website with biggest collection of free on wishmsg.com/sms.

sad Shaheed sms for everyones mobile phone. Copy and paste Shaheed sms and send it to your friends in Pakistan and India. Bangali , bangla , punjabi and tamil sms messages and Shaheed poetry and poems sms text will also be updated soon.


HapPy dEfEncE DaY :-) 6Sep,1965 kEh uN JaWaaN sHOh'Daaaaa kOh SaLaaaaaM JiNhOoN Ny aPpni JaaaN Ki qUrbaNi dY kR HmaRy mUlK kO BcHaaYa:-):-) SalaaM PAK ARMY:-)'

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Sar Ta Ba Qadam Qurbani

Sar Ta Ba Qadam Qurbani Hm Log Hn Pakistani Jo Rah Me HaeL Hoga Gum Karda-e-SahiL Hoga Panj Aab Ki Hai Tughyani Hm Log Hn Pakistani Lehrao Parcham Apna DikhLao Haqiqat Apni Ab DiL Main Yehi Hai Thani Hm Log Hn Pakistani .’

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Defense Day Of Pakistan Is Being Observed With Traditional . Fervor And Solemnity Across The Country Today. LONG LIVE PAKISTAN

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