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Select any number 4 ur lifepartner

Select any number 4 ur lifepartner (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) Reply is must 2 get answer Answers 1-kanjus 2-best couple 3-everyday dating 4-non stop kissing 5-everyday honeymoon 6-deep lovers

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If You Hate Me , Like You Never Love Me , Forever In Life….!!!

If You Really Love Someone Arrange This Words In The Correct Sequence.. Love/ Ever/ You/ Hate/ Me/ Like/ Heart/ For/ If/ You/ Never/ In/ Life. Rply Is Must ;-> Answer :- If You Hate Me , Like You Never Love Me , Forever In Life….!!! Or If You Love Me , Like You Never Hate Me , Forever In Life….!!!

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Aap Se Sb Se Zyada Pyar Kon Krta Haiii

Chuz 1 Num Then I’ll Tell U Aap Se Sb Se Zyada Pyar Kon Krta Haiii 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Rply Must….!!!! Ans 1: Majeed Rikshey Wala 2: Latif Chai Wala 3: Sagheer Bus (W11) Wala 4: Karamat Mochi 5: Jamil Driver 6: Niyaz Khusra 7: Basharat Doodh Wala Hahahahahaha………………!!!!

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ur love is inocent.

Tel me what do u want in morning from ur life partner then i will tel u abt ur relation:- 1. Bed tea 2. Kiss 3. Glass of water 4. Smile 5. Tooth brush 6.Hug Answers Bed tea. U r selfish kiss: u both r so romantic glas of water: ur love is temporary smile: ur love is inocent. toth ...

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Qualities of your ideal life partner?

Select any one number, whatever question will come against it, you’ll have to answer: 121 222 323 424 525 626 727 828 929 020 Reply must.. ANSWERS 121. Anyone who you don’t want to lose? 222. Do you love someone? 323. Ever broken the heart of a friend? 424. Ever betrayed anyone? 525. You ever stole anything? 626. Were you ...

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Only loves u

Chose 1 bird i will tell u k aap jis se pyar karte ho wo aap se pyar karta hai ya nahi.. Sparrow Crow Eagle Koyal Parrot Peacock. Answers sparow: Only loves u Crow: Likes u Eagle: Don’ t love u Koyal: Pyar bohat krta ha pr btae ga nhi Parot: Be intha pyar krta hai Peacock: Only time pas

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ankhen to dekho mashallah kitni pyari hn

Agar apki picture kisi ko dekhane k lye bheji jaye to dekhny wali ka jawab kya hoga? Select a number then l tell u.. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Reply Only 1! Answers 1.Ye to bht hi cute h 2.Is se acha to hmare ghar ka nokr h 3.Shadi karugi to sirf is larke se ...

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*Kulfa: u admire some1 truely

chocolate mango pistachoo caramel tuti fruiti kulfa strawberry vanilla Answers * Chocolate: u love someone deeply * Mango: u want to get married very soon… * Pistachoo: u have crush on many persons * Caramel: u like being isolated * Tuti fruiti: u like some1 but not sure about that person *Kulfa: u admire some1 truely *Strawberry: u dating with ...

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