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Ghurbat may Shahzadi-e Mukhtar assalam

Aey Karbala k qasr ki mai'maar as'salam.... Aey jur'aton ki aahani deewar as'salam.... Ghurbat may Shahzadi-e Mukhtar as'salam.... Aey ghaaza-e-rukh-e-Shah-e-abraar as'salam.... Jo rang charh chuka tha utarnay nahi diya.... Tu nay kisi Shaheed ko mernay nahi diya.

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significance of prayer and Jumma

significance of prayer and Jumma is most significant but a friend of mine don't offer his jumma prayer and if I quote him so he will ask for authenticity from quran so please quote me hadith for penalty on Jumma prayer specially

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Our fourth Imaam

Shaam, Oh Shaam. Our fourth Imaam, Oh you have answered (x2) The most difficult time was in Shaam. 1) Oh grandfather what should we tell you of the hardships and cruelty we suffered We were taken as displays in the streets, your family ill-treated and slandered Oh grandfather if you could only witness how we were abused in Shaam. 2) The women and children tormented by the image of the heads on the spears Their faces and heads were uncovered, their innocent faces in tears Oh grandmother if you could only look at how we were helpless in Shaam. 3) Our little Ruqayya had suffered, she longed to return to Medina After Karbala, Kufa and then Shaam; she yearned for her sister Fatima Oh little Ruqayya we miss you, you died as a captive in Shaam. 4) Oh uncle Abbas our defender, we were left without any protection Your courage and strength would have saved us from the tyrants who imposed affliction But the enemies brutally killed you, we were prisoners here in Shaam. 5) Oh my courageous aunty Zainab, the religion of Islam was woken Your sermons brought tears to the people, because of the words that were spoken Oh Rasulullah if you could only listen to the way she spoke in Shaam. 6) Our beloved fourth Imaam Sajjad we pray you take this as a token From the love in our hearts for you Imaam, these letters and words have been written Oh Bibi Zainab and Ruqayya invite us to meet you in Shaam.

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ISLAM Jesa Koi Mazhab Nahi

"ZAMZAM" Jesa Koi Pani Nahi. "NAMAZ" Jesi Koi Ebadat Nahi. "HAJJ" Jesi Koi Ziyarat Nahi. "ISLAM" Jesa Koi Mazhab Nahi. "QURAN" Jesi Koi Kitab Nahi. "MADINE" Jesa Koi Sheher Nahi. "KALME" Jesi Koi Dolat Nahi. "DURUD PAK"Jesa Koi Khazana Nahi. Aur "JUMMA" Jesa Koi Din Nahi. JUMA MUBARAK

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kaainat 6 din mein bani or aakhri din jumma ka tha

kaainat 6 din mein bani or aakhri din jumma ka tha. jumma k din hi qayamat aaye gi. jumma k din hi Hazrat Aadam A.S. paida huy or unki wafat b jumma k din hui. Hazrat Aadam A.S. Jumma k din hi jannat mein dakhil huy or unhe jumma k din hi nikala gaya. is din (jumma ko) 1 ghari aisi aati hai jis waqt ALLAH apni makhloq ki hr dua qabool far...mata hai Juma kay din Kasrat say Durood Sharef parhna sub zikr say afzal hay

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Jumma Ka Din Kitna Afzal Hai

Jumma Ka Din Kitna Afzal Hai: 1.Jumma K Din Jahanum Ki Aag Nahi Jalai Jati 2.Jumma Ki Raat Dozakh K Darwaze Nahi Khulte 3.Jumma K Din Marny Waly Khush Naseb Muslim Ko Shaheed Ka Rotba Diya Jata Hai

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